Why Choose 718 La Migra?

718 La Migra is the phone number and trademark for Borja Law Firm, P.C. Generally, the very mention of “la migra” or “immigration” brings with it negative connotations and fear to immigrants entering or already residing in the United States. 718 La Migra is the shield and legal combatant to turn to when you require the most effective and personalized consultation, service, and representation in all immigration and deportation cases.

718 La Migra was founded by Attorney Michael Borja, a seasoned attorney who has acquired substantial knowledge in all fields of law, including criminal law, family law, and personal injury law, and has attained incomparable experience in the field of immigration, from deportation defense to obtaining visas, legal residency, and citizenship.

718 La Migra provides all of its clients with an atmosphere of familiarity, understanding, and trust. 718 La Migra is readily available with a bilingual staff of Hispanic to listen to your legal problems and questions, prepare forms, and advise you of the best procedure to take to proceed in the right direction with your case. With its updated technological system, 718 La Migra can hold consultations on the phone or via Skype, offering you the most convenient service that does not require you to deal with our office strictly in person. Whether you need legal assistance for yourself or a loved one, do not hesitate to call 718 La Migra.