The Immigration Legislation

Congress has passed a number of bills related to U.S. immigration in recent years, both serving to benefit and penalize millions of immigrants residing in the United States. Some of these bills have affected particular groups of immigrants such as children raised in the U.S. and prospective well-trained employees. Additionally, private bills have been passed strictly for the benefit of one immigrant or immigrant family.
On this page you will find links that will lead you to complete documents of immigration bills that have been introduced and are still being discussed in Congress. 718 La Migra can help you begin your research on immigration legislation such as Comprehensive Immigration Reform, the Secure Borders Act, the DREAM Act, the AgJobs bill, the Domestic Partners bill, DACA, etc.
Whether you are the applicant or petitioner, we hope that the information offered to you on this page can assist you in your immigration endeavors.


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