Temporary Work Visa

Students who wish to stay within the United States temporarily or eventually on a permanent basis after they have completed their studies can try to obtain temporary work visas (H-1Bs).

If your employer requires that you possess a college degree, you may be eligible to change your status an F-1 student to OPT and eventually H-1B, directly from F-1 status to H-1B status. The H-1B process is time-sensitive as are all other procedures going through USCIS. Your Employment Authorization Document I-766 may expire before you receive approval of your application for change of status, in which case your work authorization would be terminated immediately.

Those with H-1B workers status are not recognized as professionals under immigration law, but as workers in “specialty occupations,” which usually include jobs that require a college diploma or its equivalent in a designated field of study for employment. Such workers would be accountants, architects, attorneys, business managers, computer programmers, dentists, engineers, physicians, systems analysts, and scientific workers that qualify under the requirements of H-1B status.