Professors / Researchers

Foreign-born professors or researchers must fulfill certain requirements to be considered “outstanding.” First of all, the professor or researcher must be recognized on an international level as exceptional or outstanding in his or her academic field, have at least three years of experience teaching or researching in his or her field, and coming to occupy a tenure or tenure-track job or similar position at an educational institution of higher learning.

If the prospective employer is a private company as opposed to an educational institution, the private employer is obligated to employ a minimum of three individuals full time in research positions and possess documented achievements in a particular academic area.

In order to demonstrate that a professor or researcher is “outstanding” in his or her field, he or she must obtain at least two of the following:

  • documentation of having received awards or prizes for outstanding achievement in the academic area;
  • documentation of belonging to an academic association that requires outstanding achievements for membership;
  • publications written about the individual’s work in his or her academic field, which should have titles, dates, authors, and any necessary translation;
  • proof of the individual’s participation as the judge of work belonging to others in his or her academic field or a related field;
  • proof of the individual’s major scientific or research contributions to his or her academic field; OR
  • proof of scholarly books or articles in international circulation written by the individual.

If the individual is ultimately determined to be an outstanding professor or researcher, he or she does not have to go through the labor certification process to obtain his or her legal permanent residence.