Green Card through Investment

Not just any investor can be granted legal permanent residence. Investor (EB-5) green cards are given to individuals who invest at least $1 million in a new commercial enterprise and open up 10 new job positions for U.S. workers. There is an exception if the enterprise is located in a rural or high-employment area, in which case the minimum amount of money that would have to invested is reduced to $500,000.

Investors are not required to start their own businesses to obtain green cards as investors. In fact, most of EB-5 investors invest $500,000 in one of the approved regional centers. Regional centers are entities that have been approved by USCIS that center their work around a specific geographic area inside the United States and have the goal of promoting economic growth, including an increase in exports, productivity, new jobs, and domestic capital investment.

EB-5 investors not only obtain green cards for themselves, but can also obtain legal permanent residence for their spouses and children.