Employer Compliance

On this page, 718 La Migra provides a guide for employers planning on sponsoring foreign-born employees for employment in the United States.

You can read the guidelines provided on this page to learn about the process for obtaining temporary work visas for foreign-born employees and how to go in the right direction towards getting approval of visa petitions from USCIS and approval of PERM applications from the Department of Labor. Through this website, employers can learn how to cooperate with the Employee Verification System, how to deal with “no-match” letters sent by the Social Security Administration, and how to avert accountability under anti-discrimination and document abuse provisions of the INA.

This page not only assists employers, but the individuals they intend to sponsor. 718 La Migra can represent different kinds of potential employees, even individuals who are persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and executives and managers of multinational corporations.

Furthermore, there is helpful information regarding converting worker visas into doorways for legal permanent residence.

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